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Rookie Roulette: Who's the #2 RB in Redraft? | RotoBaller

Aside from inspiring plenty of "Kerryon My Wayward Son" fantasy team names, Johnson is inspiring hope in a rushing situation in Detroit that has struggled for years. Johnson, and LeGarrette Blount , who the Lions added in free agency, might finally have the Matthew Stafford -led Lions in a position where they can maybe, sometimes run the football. Blount's abilities as a goal-line rusher are well documented (including b y me in this piece about receiver Kenny Golladay ) and lower Johnson's upside since presumably he won't be getting goal-line work, but the former Auburn Tiger is a good north/south runner who should see plenty of early down action this season, but with Theo Riddick as the primary passing-down back we're likely to see a committee in action this season. Johnson has the lowest expectations of any of these running backs, though, so he could be available at a discount. If Blount ends up looking as ineffective this year as he did with the Eagles, there will be room for Johnson to expand his role. Freeman was the last one of these players drafted, but he's currently the second player being taken in rookie drafts. Does that mean he's also a value in re-draft? Unlike some of these other situations above, the path to Freeman being the starter is clouded by players with track records of NFL success; instead, Freeman needs to beat out Devontae Booker , who hasn't shown much over his brief career to elicit much concern from me about Freeman's chances. At Oregon, Freeman was extremely productive as a rusher and also put up good receiving numbers. He should be able to be an every-down back for the Broncos at some point, though Booker will likely see some third-down work this year. Still, he forces missed tackles.

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Lil Scrappy's Friend Lawyers Up After Rapper Crashed Vehicle - XXL

That’s the only reason.” Elsewhere in his video explanation, Roulette has some words for people who think he is after Scrappy’s money. He also says that he was about to release a new single before the accident before implying that the accident and his subsequent recovery from it have slowed up that process. “Stop doubting my sincerity as a friend, because I tried to pull my bro out of the wreck, you know what I mean?” he says. I was conscious throughout the whole situation, so, me caring more about him trying to get him out of that wreck shows my sincerity as a friend with a busted gut still trying to look out for him. I’m just looking to have my medical bills taken care of and continuously provide for my family as a man like I’ve been doing.” At the time of the accident, police ruled that nothing criminal had taken place.

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